Our Mission

As a full-service New York title agency, Empire Land Services is proud to share its industry knowledge and experience with clients. We strive to quickly and effectively address our client’s challenges and opportunities when navigating real estate transactions in New York. In addition to providing the high-quality care and attention to detail our clients need, we are proud to work with some of the best real estate professionals, title attorneys, and team members in the area.

Who We Serve

By The Numbers

Our trail-blazing agency retains clients with
stunning results and customer service.


Years of History

Empire Land Services has a long history of success working with clients. For over 18 years, we have helped clients with unique and complex real estate transactions. Our dedicated team is passionate about delivering reliable service that keeps you coming back again and again.


Billion Insured

When you work with Empire Land Services, rest assured, knowing you are in good hands. We strive to ensure that every transaction is successful and to your satisfaction. Our detail-oriented team leaves no stone unturned because we want to deliver the robust results you need.


Transactions Completed

Our team has helped thousands of clients complete complex real estate transactions throughout New York. For 18 years, we have strived to provide excellent service and successfully guide our clients through over 100,000 transactions.

Our Underwriter Partners

We have built a strong pipeline of connections and partnerships with major underwriters within the industry. Our goal is to collaborate with title insurance professionals and organizations with a reputation for providing high-quality services and solutions to our clients.

At Empire Land Services, we firmly believe that our connections make a huge difference and have allowed us to become New York’s premiere title agency. With the help of our underwriter partners, we can prioritize customer satisfaction.